The Right To Issue


The United States does not own or issue its currency, the dollar. Most of the world’s countries also do not own or issue their currencies and are a part of the same Central Banking System headquartered in Basel, Switzerland at the Bank of International Settlements.

Only three large economies remain outside of this system: China, Russia and Iran. These countries are framed as “enemies” of the West, despite the fact that there are no open hostilities and that China is the U.S.' largest trading partner.

This “enmity” is fostered by the U.S.' role as the primary enforcer of the Central Bank Controllers. The “Perpetual Wars” in the Middle East have been successful at either installing or maintaining Central Bank control of these OPEC members. Only Syria continues to resist, with the help of its non-central bank ally, Russia.

Author, Bill Calder explains this intractable situation in very simple terms and its potential solution in The Right to Issue.