Lycandroids SuperSoldiers and the Freedom War


The Lyncadroids Saga is based upon a violent and virtually unknown beast.

After WW2, the Pentagon initiated a secret Super Soldier experimental weapon that was spawned in a Nazi Fourth Reich laboratory deep in the bowels of the earth near Dulce, New Mexico in cooperation with off-planet OverLords.

In late 2015, the anonymous hackers launched the Vendetta Virus that brought down every computer system and Microchip-embedded device in the entire world. Then came The Freedom War when the people of planet Earth rebelled Against the bankers and giant corporations that had enslaved them for almost a century.

Virtually every country of the world in 2017 is in chaotic anarchy. Humankind faces the grim reality of struggling for survival, not only against other humans but primarily against what may be the strongest and most vicious monster on land…the Lycandroid!